who we are

At Willow & Sprout we know children are inherently curious about the world around them and need space and time to discover it. We guide children through that process of discovery with patience, gentleness, and a sense of wonder. We believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each child while nurturing a child’s sense of community.

Willow & Sprout is a holistic early childhood community involving children 16 months to 5 years of age. We offer full time and part time scheduling. 

what we do

Our days at Willow & Sprout are centered on project-based learning opportunities in which we use art and nature to help us explore the world around us. The natural rhythm of beginning, middle, and end in each of our projects helps children make sense of the patterns and changes they experience in the world around them.


Our Annual Art Show

Children love to create. During the year we collaborate with local artists—painters, sculptors, photographers, dancers—who share their passion for their art in age-appropriate ways. As we draw, paint, sculpt, glue, sew, and invent, we collect pieces of the children’s art to display at a real art show in a real gallery setting, complete with live music, fantastic food, and all the excitement of an opening night. The children love to share their work with their families and friends.


Our Growing Garden

One of our favorite project-based learning opportunities is working with our friend Farmer Jim. Jim Bruns is an organic farmer and the owner of Hay River Farms.  We participate in Farmer Jim’s CSA so we can enjoy all of the amazing vegetables he grows on his farm. With Farmer Jim’s help, the children plant an organic garden of their own. They love to watch their seeds grow into snacks! 


Our Outdoor Space

We believe that nature provides children with endless opportunities for investigation, observation, interaction, and physical activity. Willow & Sprout includes a spacious yard filled with trees, grass, and green spaces to explore.

Weather permitting, all of the children spend time outdoors each day. Toddlers love to feel the rough texture of tree bark or the smooth softness of a leaf. Preschoolers love finding bugs and sticks and rocks that pique their curiosity: What does the bug eat? Where does it live? How did this stick get here? Why are the rocks different colors? This active learning lays the foundation for a child’s developing math, science, and literacy skills.

“We would
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