“The service they provide is so thoughtful and well rounded - it is truly inspiring to me as a parent. It is an attentive, stimulating and creative environment that is very balanced.”

“I believe that Jen is especially gifted in her observation and appreciation of the differences among the kids. She has more passion for early childhood development than most people have for anything.  Seeing your child through her observations is really a privilege.”

“The curriculum that Jen creates is lovely and it makes me so happy to know that Alice is outdoors learning about trees, leaves, flowers, butterflies and birds...I can only imagine how wonderful it was for the older kids—but I like knowing that our 18 month old daughter is there learning in her own ways.”

“The kids also help prepare food!  It's colorful and healthy... I love knowing that she eats well."

“I like that our child has been able to interact with children older than her, and now, younger babies.  Jen teaches the children respect in a variety of ways, respect for adults, themselves and one another. The kids play well together but learn to give one another their own space too.”

“Jen is a parent, a working parent and so she understands a lot from our side of the relationship - she's supportive and understanding. Jen is also very direct so I usually don't hesitate to ask for things... she let you know "yes that's definitely possible" or "no, that won't work." She's also accommodating for each child... Alice was on a slightly different sleep schedule than the other kids for quite a long time and Jen was fine with that.”

Laura and Dustin Smith

parents of Alice (age 3) and everett (age 1)

“Willow & Sprout is so meaningful to us because it is a place where Eliot is not only well taken care of and loved—but his body, mind and spirit are holistically nurtured, encouraged and provided with the opportunities he needs to stretch and grow everyday. It is a wonderful, healthy environment for him when we cannot be with him. This is what sets Willow & Sprout apart and why we love it so much! ”

Kerri and Jason Rivers

parents of Eliot (age 2)

“Willow and Sprout has enriched our lives by introducing us to so many of our son's talents that were discovered with his Willow & Sprout friends.  Every morning we feel comfortable leaving our son with his friends and knowing he's going to enjoy his day.  The fun and educational activities are unique in such an in-depth, caring and nurturing way.  Our son is seen as an individual as well as part of the community.  We recommend friends to Willow and Sprout as their philosophy, support and care for children is provides comfort and the highest quality care.”

Heidi and Aric

parents of Jack (age 15 months)

“Being a parent of one of the first kids at Willow and Sprout, it has been wonderful watching Josephine grow along with the school. I am constantly told of how well my daughter speaks, works with other children, and how well her reasoning skills are. I really think alot of this has been learned through her experiences at school. I am also so happy with the amazing food they are fed, and how much outside time they have. It has been an enriching time for Josephine, and me as a parent...”

Heather Hartman

mom of Josephine (age 4)

“We are incredibly thankful for Willow & Sprout being a part of our family's life.  Due to the intentional community that has been created, our two boys are nurtured and cared for not only by the staff, but also fellow children in the W&S house.  What the staff has created is a truly unique early childhood community that allows not only our 2-year-old to explore nature, create art, play with friends and develop holistically, but our 9-month-old also receives those same opportunities. Day after day we are amazed at the individual attention each child is given by Jen, Tami, and Stacey. We cannot imagine enrolling our children anywhere but Willow & Sprout.”

Julie Hample

“Willow & Sprout is a caring and nurturing educational environment for our children, Emily and Keenan. When Emily was two years old and we were planning our transition from homecare to daycare, we were apprehensive as Emily was quite shy. However, we felt at ease with Jen Johnson the moment we met her and Emily adapted well to the transition because of the structure and attention that Jen provided. Jen and the staff at Willow & Sprout are amazing individuals who nurture relationships with our children and between the children that attend Willow & Sprout. Emily and Keenan have made wonderful friendships with kids who all treat them with respect and kindness.  We enjoy the stories Emily tells us at dinner about her day at Willow & Sprout and are happy when she asks to have her friends over to our home. Because of the high expectations and respect Jen has for each child, they are given daily opportunities to grow and explore who they are as an individual and the world around them. Willow & Sprout is a great balance of structured lessons, free play both indoors and outdoors, art and music. We appreciate Jen’s daily emails updating us on the day’s activities and menus as well as photos and videos of the experiences in which our kids engage. We were also impressed with the amazing art show Jen hosted in May 2009 highlighting the creativity and imagination fostered in our kids through the art projects they created. We are so fortunate to have found a place where our kids feel safe and happy while we are at work.”

Holly & Chuck Bower

parents of Emily (age 3) and Keenan (age 10 months)


from the parents